About us

The Croatian Society of Hematology of the Croatian Medical Association is a professional society of the Croatian hematological specialists and other specialists involved in diagnosing and treating patients suffering from various hematological conditions. The Society, founded in 2016, is the successor to the Croatian Hematology and Blood Transfusion Society that actively functioned for years, however Considering the extensive progress in both the fields, following a joint decision by it’s members, it was split into two idependent associations. Prof. Rajko Kušec, MD, PhD, was elected as the first president of The Croatian Society of Hematology. The Societies mission is to improve the diagnostics and treatment of haematological diseases by applying the latest know-how and achievements, encouraging scientific research, educating members, especially young people, popularizing the profession and collaborating with other domestic and international hematological organizations, patient associations and health authorities while simultaneously improving the hematologist’s standing position.

The Society represents and promotes its activity in the Croatian Medical Association and encourages cooperation with other societies and sections that are of interest to the hematologic profession.

It also promotes the further promotion of ethical codes and principles of medical deontology related to all aspects of patient care and scientific research within the sphere of hematology.

Furthermore, the Society endeavors to promote scientific and professional journalism, while at the international level the task of the Croatian Society of Hematology is to be present and active in all relevant international hematological organizations, especially in the European Hematological Association.


President of the Society: Prof. Rajko Kušec, MD, PhD (KB Dubrava); contact: rajko.kusec@mef.hr

First vice president: Prof. Toni Valković, MD, PhD (KBC Rijeka); contact: toni_val@net.hr

Second vice president: Prof. Silva Zupančič-Šalek, MD, PhD (KBC Zagreb); contact: silva.zupancic-salek@zg.htnet.hr

Secretary : Prim. Sandra Bašić-Kinda, MD (KBC Zagreb); contact: sandra.kinda@gmail.com

Treasurer: Inga Mandac Rogulj, MD (KB Merkur); contact: imandac@yahoo.com


Board of Directors:

  • Prof. Rajko Kušec, MD, PhD (KB Dubrava)
  • Prof. Silva Zupančič-Šalek, MD, PhD (KBC Zagreb)
  • Prof. Igor Aurer, MD, PhD (KBC Zagreb)
  • Prof. Petar Gaćina, MD, PhD (KBC Sestre Milosrdnice)
  • Prof. Toni Valković, MD, PhD (KBC Rijeka)
  • Prim. Ranka Serwenti-Seiwerth, MD, PhD (KBC Zagreb)
  • Prim. Sandra Bašić-Kinda, MD (KBC Zagreb)
  • Prim. Božena Coha, MD (OB Slavonski Brod)
  • Inga Mandac Rogulj, MD (KB Merkur)
  • Martina Moric Peric, MD (OB Zadar)
  • Višnja Armada, MD (KBC Split)

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