European Hematology Exam 2022

There is one week left to register for the 6th European Hematology Exam taking place on June 10, 2022, 11:00 – 13:30 (CEST). Exam registration closes April 1, 2022.

Will you join us for the central session in Vienna or on one of the 15 parallel sites? Seats are limited, so please make sure to register as soon as possible to secure your spot.


How can you prepare for the exam?

There are a number of resources and opportunities available to help you prepare for the European Hematology Exam. These include:

  • EHA Progress Test: the test offers you a simulation of the Exam. With 93 multiple choice questions, a further reading list, and a results per curriculum section, this is an invaluable study tool to measure your knowledge. The test closes March 31, 2022,
  • EHA Campus: EHA’s online learning platform, featuring courses and clinical cases on various topics,
  • Participate in Tutorials and EHA-SWG meetings or prepare for next year’s exam by joining the EHA2022 Hybrid Congress,
  • Consider talking with your mentor and plan educational activities, or reflect on the topics you would like to improve on with your colleagues.
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Where will the exam take place?

Not able to make it?

The European Exam is also accessible locally to residents of these countries:

  • Greece (Athens),
  • Bulgaria (Sofia),
  • Sweden (Stockholm),
  • Finland (Helsinki),
  • Spain (Madrid),
  • Egypt (Cairo),
  • Turkey (Istanbul),
  • Portugal (Lisbon),
  • Albania (Tirana),
  • Iraq (Baghdad),
  • Estonia (Tallinn),
  • Luxembourg (Differdange),
  • Switzerland (Bern),
  • Croatia (Zagreb),
  • Armenia (Yerevan).
The European Hematology Exam supports professional mobility of professionals in hematology, and represents a step forward in the harmonization of hematology training and education in Europe. That is why EHA has partnered with several national societies, in addition to hosting the main exam session at the EHA2022 Congress, to ensure that the exam is made accessible for as many interested candidates as possible.

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